UID developed the first Cage Sanitation Monitoring and Tracking System using RFID technology to improve workflow efficiency in the animal facility. The process involves the use of specialized RFID transponders that are easily attached to each cage or cage rack for identification. With a simple scan, using the same reader used for animal identification, animal facility personnel can easily track and record the exact location of the cage or progress in the sanitation cycle. The UID Cage Sanitation application uses RFID to easily and conveniently track all the essential steps in cage use and sanitation cycle. This unique application allows you to save time, lower costs, and track your animal facility data more efficiently. Listed below are some examples of potential uses, or data that can be collected with the software application:

  • Efficient tracking of cage inventory
  • Assign cages to new study
  • Track sanitation intervals
  • Verify sanitation completion
  • Verify if cage is empty of animals or toys
  • Pre-sanitation step
  • Post study cages
  • Dirty cage storage

Program Screenshots:

Contact UID at info@uidevices.com or 224.444.8484 to schedule an online demonstration of the Cage Sanitation Program.