Weighing items in the laboratory, especially animals, is a time-consuming and difficult process to achieve without a convenient software platform.  Some of the software systems currently available are either too costly or perform many functions that are unnecessary for general weighing purposes. To meet this research need, UID developed the RFID weighing application, which is fully integrated in the UID pi software program. This application simplifies and automates the weighing process, reduces data collection times, improves data quality and lowers overall costs.

The Pi Suite weight application combines information from the UID RFID Reader, as well input from a balance to automatically record the weight associated with the RFID number of the animal, vial or item. The weight corresponding to each RFID number (i.e., animal ID) is directly and automatically recorded into the application for easy viewing and further evaluation.

The pi weighing application also combines additional study data, such as company or facility name, and study number to create a more useful and robust data collection platform for repeated weights. The software also features a general weight section that allows for weight data recording after a scan without the need to enter study information.

This software platform is currently being improved to also enable tracking of daily food and water consumption activity. Additional improvements will also incorporate the ability to associate weight data with other RFID-labeled laboratory samples (i.e., tissues and organs) or items (i.e., syringes, vials, flasks). These data can all be associated and tracked down to the animal number.

Program Screenshots:

Contact UID at info@uidevices.com or 224.444.8484 for more information about the RFID Weighing Application.