Time point sampling of biological fluids, including blood samples, is very important for scientific research, particularly in toxicology and pharmacology research applications.  Associating the exact time of a dose and blood sample collected to the correct blood vial and animal can be challenging and subject to potential errors in mismatching the samples.  Studies involving a small number of animals can be manageable, but the process can get very complicated for large scale animal studies.

As of now, there isn’t a truly automated system for gathering and recording fluid collection times and associating these with the correct animal and vial.  To address this unmet research need, UID developed the TK/PK blood sampling application, which relies on RFID identification technology to facilitate sample verification and data collection.  With the use of RFID microchips and labels, together with the pi suite TK/PK App, researchers can easily record all relevant lab data and match it directly to each animal and vial for verification. Animal ID, vial, and blood collection time points are all recorded, verified and conveniently available in one place. The data can then be downloaded to either excel or pdf formats for further analysis or sharing.

Features and benefits:

  • Input study information
  • Select sample time points
  • Select ‘theoretical’ dosing time
  • Look for time point overlaps
  • Print vial RFID labels
  • Record actual dosing times
  • Time points automatically adjust
  • Count down timer to next sample
  • Data recorded by scanning with a compatible UID RFID reader

Program Screenshots:

The UID TK/PK application can be customized to your specific workflow and process for even easier data collection. Contact UID at info@uidevices.com or 224.444.8484 for more information.