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UID has taken a new approach to bring Laboratory Animal Identification into the laboratory environment. In the past, laboratory animal identification product suppliers only offered identification tags and, at best, very simple software. For the critical element of how to actually use the tags and readers, the customer was left to his own devices. UID’s unique solution is to provide laboratories with the highest quality tags available and the ability to have custom software written or work seamlessly with all LIMS systems such as Provantis®, Pristima ™, PDS or Topaz for secure data collection.

Rodent and large animal identification is becoming mandatory in most institutions. Having the ability to uniquely and permanently identify an animal will be vital for complying with the new SEND regulations, starting in 2016. UID understands this process and has the tools necessary for full compliance.

UID offers IT support for implementation as well as a full line of RFID identification products.  Don’t be stuck with just an animal ID.  UID starts with the animal ID and allows for RFID Labels, Cage Cards, and automation software for simple and 100% accurate data collection.