UID’s mouse RFID Transponder System combines the UC-1485 and the URH 1 Handheld or UDT-100L Desktop reader for your optimal system. UID’s Mouse RFID Transponders system is the smallest sterile implantable transponder available for research use. The mouse transponder is 1.4mm x 8.5mm making it perfect for all mice and small animals where size is limited.  The Mouse RFID system allows the researcher easy and secure identification of mice and other small animals using RFID Transponders.  If you need to positively identify with RFID mice, small birds, bats, jerboa, snakes or other small research animals the Mouse transponder is what you need.  The injection cannula is 14G in size leaving the smallest entry hole possible.

pi_logo3For advanced applications requiring software the Pi Suite can be used to assist with your data collection.