The UID Controlled Substance Inventory System combines a two-part authentication process with RFID technology to provide 100% accurate and secure inventory tracking capabilities. It is ideal for tracking highly valued assets or items that require controlled access or strict inventory record, such as controlled drugs, surgical implants, laboratory reagents and supplies, and more.

Each item or drug container is labeled with an RFID tag which the user scans to record key information about the item. For assets such as controlled drugs, the process of recording drug use is controlled by scanning the RFID labels and either weighing the container, or manually entering the amount used. All records are captured electronically to ensure 100% accuracy of drug inventory, and to facilitate documentation and reporting. Extra security access can also be implemented by combining lock or key access with RFID user badges with pictures and PIN codes, which ensure 100% accurate entry/exit recording. Reports for all cabinet activity, such as user, drug names, volumes, or times of access are all readily available.

Various cabinet models and sizes are available depending on the desired location and application. Some cabinet features available include single or dual door, lock/key combination for additional security, and stand-alone cabinet or networked computer system for multiple cabinets per site.

Features & Benefits

  • Inventory control for drugs or other valuable items
  • Log or restrict user access
  • Facilitate inventory reporting
  • Monitor individual user drug/chemical use
  • Accurate log of stored or removed items
  • Accurate record of container’s weight or volume used
  • Convenient tracking of RFID-labeled vials
  • Secure, dual verification process
  • Single or dual door design
  • Stand-alone or linked multiple cabinets
  • Cabinet size: 18″ x 27″ x 8″
  • Cabinet size (safe version): 22″ x 35″ x 21″

System Screenshots