PIT Tags are electronic implantable microchips that are used in Wildlife and Marine Biology applications.  They are designed to be implanted into any species that is needed to be tracked to gain valuable research data.  Species such as salmon, sturgeon, musky, turtles, frogs, birds, bats, rhinoceros, elephants, kudu and any other animal can be identified using these standard PIT tags.  For specialized applications for animal security or to prevent theft of precious animals UID has an implantable security tag that is custom encoded.  Contact UID for more information.

The use of PIT Tags for animal tracking began in the mid 1980’s measuring the movement of salmon and other fish.  Since then the technology has increased in the size of the tags as well as the ability to read the PIT tags in a variety of outdoor settings.  Each tag has a unique number hard coded into the memory blocks of the IC inside the tag.  This number never repeats as UID hold to ICAR standards for all it PIT and Laboratory Research tags.  The tags operate on FDX-B parameters with 134.2 kHz frequency.  This means that they are ISO 11784 and 11785 standard so all ISO readers can read these tags.

UID Offers these tags in triple ground needles or in bulk.  If you need them in the needles each needle has a standard luer lock connection for easy attachment to an injector and can be supplied either sterile for infection free injection or non-sterile for wildlife applications where sterility is not critical.  They are also offered bulk in bags for large scale operations.

Let UID be your sole source supplier of your PIT tags and readers for your research application.