To ensure accurate and safe animal identification, the process of assigning a unique ID to each animal should start with the animal supplier. Pre-implantation of RFID microchips at the surgical vendor can help reduce costs and provide a permanent identification method that enables data collection to start even prior to shipping of the animals. Furthermore, a more complete history for each animal can be generated, which can be used later for data validation or correlation to experimental outcomes. When the animals are received at the research institution, each animal is easily scanned using the UID RFID reader for verification. This information can also be imported directly into the UID Pi software application, or your own Laboratory Animal Management System for data collection and tracking.

For researchers who want to order animals that come pre-implanted with UID microchips for identification, we have partnered with the following surgical vendors:

Hilltop Laboratories
P. 724.887.8480

The Jackson Laboratory
P. 800.422.6423

Charles River Labs
P. 877.274.8371

Taconic Biosciences
P. 888.822.6642