Pre-implanting a microchip in each animal at the surgical vendor lowers cost and provides a permanent identification that starts with the shipping of the animal.  When the animals are received, verification using the UID Pi software system can start the data collection with simple import of the animals unique ID directly into your Animal Management System.  The data collection process for each animal starts with the animal supplier, so proper identification at this time is critical. For researchers looking to receive animals pre-implanted with a unique ID in the form of an implantable microchip to provide 100% secure and safe identification, UID has partnered with the following animal microchip surgical vendors.

Hilltop Laboratories

UID Approved Microchip Surgical Vendor
P. 724-887-8480


UID Approved Microchip Surgical Vendor
P. 800-793-7287

The Jackson Laboratory

UID Approved Microchip Surgical Vendor
P. 800.-422-6423