Unified Information Devices (UID) is a leading provider of radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions that empower researchers to generate higher quality data faster, accurately and consistently. UID-Identification Solutions combines advanced RFID technology with novel software to facilitate the identification and tracking of research animals and other laboratory items. Our innovative products range from implantable RFID microchips, cards, labels, programmers and readers to customized software that enables automated data collection and workflow efficiency.


RFID microchips for accurate and convenient lab animal identification and body temperature measurement.


A wide range of high-quality and cost-effective RFID readers for mobile and stationary applications.


RFID identification and data collection software for laboratory workflow efficiency and automation.

Product Innovation

We are dedicated to the advancement of science by developing groundbreaking products designed to maximize productivity and generate accurate and reliable research data, which ultimately propels important research discoveries. Our commitment to product innovation recently led us to the development of the UID Mouse Matrix, a home cage activity and temperature monitoring system for rodents, and the UID Controlled Substance Inventory System, an RFID system for secure and accurate management of controlled substances.


COVID-19 Research

Significant research resources are being allocated for vaccine and drug therapy development against the coronavirus (SARSCoV-2) using animal models. Fever is a key symptom of COVID-19 infection, so monitoring animal body temperature is essential for disease evaluation.

The UID Temperature Monitoring System can accelerate your research results as it is a reliable, convenient and noninvasive method for effective temperature measurements in rodents an other lab animals.

Featured Publication

White Paper

Microchip Implantation Without Anesthesia in Pre-weaned Mice.

Early individual identification of mice is essential maintain data integrity throughout the course of research studies.  This white paper summarizes data from a recent study that shows the feasibility of inserting a small microchip without anesthesia in pre-weaned mice for positive and permanent identification.