Unified Information Devices (UID Identification Solutions) provides identification solutions using implantable transponders, microchips, external transponders, readers, multiple tag programmers and customized data collection software for laboratory researcher applications. All UID microchips are programmable, which allows the user to add important data directly onto the microchip in addition to its unique, non-repeating ID code. We also offer the first IP implantable microchip for recording Core Body Temperatures!

For advanced data collection, UID offers the pi Software Suite for data collection automation within in the laboratory or facility. UID combines cutting edge technology in the form of RFID microchips and labels to automatically and 100% accurately collect and record important data. Simply scan the animal or item and collect your information: body weights, mass measurements, blood and tissue samples, vial repository location, sampling preparation, locations and many others. UID customizes the software application for best possible workflow and specifically to meet the research needs of each customer.

Although UID’s main focus is on laboratory animal identification, our RFID identification systems can also be used for other applications and across different industries. We work with Pharmaceutical companies, Universities, Contract Research Organizations, DNR, Wildlife research groups, Zoos, Veterinarians and other organizations. If you are looking for a reliable, accurate and convenient identification method, UID can provide the RFID microchips, readers and complete identification solution to meet your specific needs.


Programmable RFID microchips for laboratory animal, pet and wildlife identification.


Low cost, durable and powerful RFID microchip readers for all applications.


RFID identification and data collection software for laboratory workflow efficiency and automation.