Unified Information Devices (UID) is a leading provider of identification solutions that enable laboratory researchers to generate data with the highest degree of accuracy and consistency. UID uses advanced RFID technology to enhance laboratory animal and item identification, and combines it with novel software to simplify data collection through workflow automation. UID Identification Solutions provides implantable microchips, RFID cards and labels, readers and programmers, as well as customized data collection software to facilitate the identification and tracking of research animals and other laboratory items.


Programmable RFID microchips for accurate animal identification and convenient temperature recording.


Low cost, durable and powerful RFID microchip readers for all applications.


RFID identification and data collection software for laboratory workflow efficiency and automation.

The pi Software Suite, exclusive to UID Information Solutions, offers advanced data collection capabilities that enable full automation of routine laboratory processes. With the use of RFID-enabled microchips and labels, the pi Software application allows for automatic and 100% accurate collection and tracking of critical research data. Automated data collection starts with a simple scan of the animal or item. Animal body weights, mass measurements, blood and tissue samples, vial repository location, sampling preparation, asset locations and other data can be automatically tracked and readily available for analysis. UID customizes the software application for best possible workflow and for the specific needs of each customer.