UID Identification Solutions provides a 100% secure method for the identification of animals and other items using RFID technology. Unified Information Devices (UID) provides identification solutions using implantable transponders, microchips, external transponders, readers, multiple tag programmers and customized software for any industry. Whether it is for Laboratory Animal Identification for use with any LIMS System, Companion Pet Identification, Wildlife PIT Tags, or Inventory Application, UID can provide the identification tags as well as the readers that are needed.

The UID System works with LF, HF, and UHF frequencies to make one complete solution. We provide identification solutions for any industry with a particular focus on Laboratory Animal Identification, Veterinary applications and Standard ISO Microchip Identification.  Pharmaceutical, Academia, Biotech, Wildlife, Veterinarians or Zoos we help researchers and professionals with 100% accurate identification

UID offers the pi Software Suite for advanced data collection.  UID combines current RFID technology in the form of Microchips and RFID Labels to automatically  and 100% accurate data collecting.  Simply scan the animal and collect your information From Body weights, Mass Measurements, Blood and Tissue Sampling, Vial repository location, Sampling Preparation, Locations and many others.  UID customizes the software to each research needs.  We work with Pharmaceutical, Contract Research, DNR, Wildlife Research, Zoos, and many other research areas.

UID offers the only Programmable 1.4mm x 8.5mm Microchips.  Program  your data onto the microchip for a human readable identification.  Put on Study Data, Species, Location, Last scanned or anything else.

If you are looking for a single reader and microchip or a complete system we are here to assist.

Call us at 224-444-8484 to enquire about our Free Reader Program with the purchase of 1000 Implantable Transponders.