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The COVID-19 crisis significantly impacted laboratory animal research. As research personnel return to their labs and navigate the post COVID-19 research landscape, they will need to operate at limited capacity to comply with social distancing and other state mandate guidelines. As a result, researchers will need to revisit their research practices with a focus on […]

NEW WHITE PAPER: Microchip Implantation in Pre-weaned Mice

Animal identification is essential to ensure the success of any preclinical study requiring the use of animal models. Early individual identification of mice is important to maintain data integrity throughout the course of research study. Implantable RFID microchips are ideal for this application as they offer a permanent, electronic and simple method for positive identification […]

Top 3 benefits of RFID microchips for monitoring your surgical studies

Manual surgical monitoring techniques can be tedious for lab technicians as well as animals, given the multiple welfare checks needed per day plus the need for workers to update records accordingly. Further complicating matters, manual monitoring is generally done during daytime work hours, which causes researchers to miss out on valuable nighttime data points and […]

Colleges Take Rat Research to Waste Recycling Site With RFID

Researchers from Fordham and Columbia Universities, using an LF RFID solution from UID, were able to take rodent behavior research out of cages and labs to track wild rats in their own environment. READ MORE

In The Battle Of Cats Vs. Rats, The Rats Are Winning

The first study to document interactions between feral cats and a wild rat colony finds that contrary to popular opinion, cats are not good predators of rats. In a novel approach, researchers monitored the behavior and movement of microchipped rats in the presence of cats living in the same area. They show the rats actively […]

Cats Bad at Nabbing Rats But Feast on Other Beasts

In the summer of 2017, Michael Parsons found the urban rat haven of his dreams: A Waste Management transfer station—aka a literal trash heap, aka rat paradise—in Brooklyn, New York. For nearly two years, the behavioral ecologist and visiting scholar at Fordham University had been searching for a place to observe the city-dwelling rodents in their natural habitat. […]

What Scientists Can Learn From New York City’s Freakiest Residents

Elizabeth Carlen and Michael Parsons are two biologists from Fordham University who are studying the way that humans urbanization is transforming the ecosystems in and around New York City. Parsons’ work finds him headquartered at a waste management facility in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. There, the ecologist has a colony of free-roaming rats that he tracks […]

Envigo to Expand Livermore, California Research Model Surgical Facility, Which will Include State-of-the-art RFID and Software Surgical Tracking Systems From UID Identification Solutions

Envigo, a leading provider of nonclinical contract research services and research models, is investing in an expansion of its research model  surgical facility at its Livermore, California site in response to increased market demand from West Coast biopharmaceutical customers… Intensive care unit (ICU) recovery chambers and advanced ventilator and microscopic technologies – already in place […]