Identification software has never been easy to customize for the basic needs of laboratory processes, until now. UID has a new laboratory identification and data collection software that can be custom designed for the researcher efficiently and effectively. UID collects RFID identification information and combines it with other sources of data. Each custom App is in Excel format for easy integration into other data platforms. UID can customize specific Apps, such as body weight, liquid handling, dosing, cage wash, census, and many others. We will take your data collection Excel sheet and make it into an easy-to-follow and use application on your PC.

PI Software

RFID pi software

The PI Software Suite allows the researcher to gather RFID data and combine it with other datasets, such as body weight. PI is designed to be customizable to each researcher’s needs. Call us at 1.224.444.8484 with your unique application and we will design your custom app quickly and affordably.

Custom Software

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