The mouse RFID microchip system from UID allows for simple and secure identification of mice and other small lab animals. The UID mouse RFID identification system includes the UID Programmable Microchip (UC-1485), and the RFID handheld reader (URH-1HP) or desktop reader (UDT-100L) for optimal scanning.

The mouse RFID microchip from UID is the smallest, sterile, implantable microchip currently available for research use. The microchip is only 1.4 mm in diameter by 8.5 mm in length, which is ideal for implantation in mice and other small research animals (i.e., small birds, hamsters, bats, and snakes). The UID mouse microchips are conveniently available in sterile cannula with Luer Lock fittings. The injection cannula size is 15.5G, which leaves the smallest entry hole possible. The cannula attaches to a wide range of UID injectors for easy and quick insertion. The use of reusable injectors minimizes plastic waste and is more eco-friendly compared to the disposable, plastic injectors available from other vendors.

The UID Pi Software Suite is also available to facilitate data collection. Contact UID at or 224.444.8484 for more information.