The UID canine RFID microchip system is an ideal solution that simplifies and enhances the secure identification of dogs and other large laboratory animals. The UID canine identification system includes the UID implantable microchip (UC-2112), and a versatile handheld reader (URH-1HP or URH-300HP) for quick and efficient scanning.

The UID microchips come conveniently packaged in sterile needles, compatible with a wide range of UID injectors for quick and safe insertion. Our reusable reduces plastic waste and promote eco-friendliness, setting us apart from other vendors who offer disposable plastic injectors.

The UID Canine Identification System not only ensures cost-effective implantation but also guarantees the utmost security in identifying dogs and other laboratory animals.

The UID Pi Software Suite is also available to facilitate data collection. Contact UID at or 224.444.8484 for more information.